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Amazing Race In A Tropical Rain Forest – book this amazing race for your Company Team Building / School Team Building

Team. Race. Adventure.

amazing race rain forest

We have all watched the Amazing Race on TV.. but this Amazing Race is conducted in the forest!

Let’s admit office works is TOUGH and STRESSFUL. Some can manage well, some are unable. A small motivation can make many go a long way to excellent productivity. Let your staff have some stress discharge activities and charge them up with joy and fun! can organize for your company an outdoor Nature Amazing Race activity. This is only a half day Amazing Race with lots of fun. Some experts say it will increase productivity and great teamwork and more effective. Separate them from office chairs, tables and laptop to nature.

What is so great about nature?

Nature is created by GOD ALMIGHTY and when GOD creates, it is always Superb GOOD and beneficial for humans. BOOK an Amazing Race with for half a day. Bring your VIP / Staff / Students for something new.

Where relationships get restored from brokenness. Inter-departmental team work is rejuvenated. Newbies get to know others. The small groups will enable you to learn the importance of teamwork and leadership and the hardship involved in leading a team to success. It’s a think tank for problem-solving and overcoming fear. Get yourself dirty in forest mud. Pick up some gross (but not so gross) creatures. Learn how to take care of delicate and sensitive matters.

Best for groups of 40 – 80 participants.
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1 Giant Rainforest

40 - 80 Participants

4 Awesome Hours

What Customers Say

  • Year 2 kids loved your virtual tour, Mr. Johnson 😀
    Teacher Suria
    Matrix International School
  • Loved it! The guide (Johnson) was very helpful information & funny. The tour was great & we learned a lot.
    Cristino Morgia
  • Thank you so much it was a great time and great explanation. Hope to do it again.
    Huna Salem